Our story

In February 2017, Watercare announced their intention to build a new water treatment plant and listed a site on Woodlands Park Road as one of their shortlisted sites for the development.

Concerned locals started connecting via social media and on 23 February a small group of about 15 people got together to discuss establishing some formal opposition to the proposal. This was the beginning of the Titirangi Protection Group.

Since then this core group has grown and gained dedicated support from across the local community and beyond.  These passionate and dedicated individuals care deeply about the impact that the proposed Water Treatment plant would have on our community and the surrounding environment. Visit our committee page to find out more about our members.

In addition to the committee members, we have over 1,000 members on the Titirangi Protection Group Facebook page which was established in April.

In July 2017, the Titirangi Protection Group was formalised as an Incorporated Society.