Our story

In February 2017, Watercare announced their intention to build a new water treatment plant and listed a site on Woodlands Park Road as one of their shortlisted sites for the development.

Concerned locals started connecting via social media and on 23 February a small group of about 15 people got together to discuss establishing some formal opposition to the proposal. This was the beginning of the Titirangi Protection Group.

Since then this core group has grown and gained dedicated support from across the local community and beyond.  These passionate and dedicated individuals care deeply about the impact that the proposed Water Treatment plant would have on our community and the surrounding environment. Visit our committee page to find out more about our members.

In addition to the committee members, we have over 1,000 members on the Titirangi Protection Group Facebook page which was established in April.

In July 2017, the Titirangi Protection Group was formalised as an Incorporated Society.

Some of our activities to date:


On 2 June 2017 we launched a petition to the Mayor and Auckland Council, calling for them to refuse consent for this proposal. When you sign you can also sign up for our Newsletter.


We have established a Give-A-Little page to help us challenge Watercares right to build on this site.  Money raised is vital to allow the community to stand up for their bush-living way of life, to allow the environmental protections placed on these sites to be protected and to protect endangered kauri and other diverse flora and fauna on this site from destruction.  Any donation is very much appreciated.

Movie nights and raffles          

On 22 July 2017 we held a movie screening of Rewi’s Last Stand which was largely filmed in Waima (hence the naming of Hollywood Ave).

On 5 April 2018 we held another successful movie night at Titirangi’s Lopdell House theatre.  The remake of Murder on the Orient Express (released 2017).  This was a great opportunity to gather in an informal setting, enjoy a great movie and meet more of our great supporters.

Each movie night included a raffle  which contained wonderful items donated by local businesses and supporters.  Congratulations to the winners.

White elephant sale

March 2018. Several hundred people took the opportunity to purchase from a huge range of donated pre-loved items, with the proceeds going towards our legal battle against Watercare.

Facebook auction

March 2018. Local business and supporters donated a huge range of items in support of the Titirangi Protection Group.  It was a wonderful opportunity to purchase some high quality items and services, to support local business and support this fight against Watercare.

Comedy night

April 2018. Proceeds from a comedy night held at the local RSA have been donated to the the Titirangi Protection Group.


March/April 2018. Koha yoga classes have been run by local supporters.

Protest March             

Our protest march was held on 5 June and was attended by over 200 concerned locals who gathered outside the current water treatment plant and then marched to Titirangi Village chanting such things as “Show you care Watercare”, “Trees matter too” and “Don’t be mean be green”. Watercare will continue to hear our voices”

Community meetings

Information nights.  On June 2017 we hosted a community information meeting at Woodlands Park School. This was attended by almost 300 people, a true showing of how concerned this community is about this proposed plant.

Political candidate debate.  On 16 August 2017 we hosted a public meeting with local electoral candidates and local environmental groups at Woodlands Park School. The theme for the meeting was “How can the West lead Auckland towards an environmentally sustainable future?”. The evening was attended by almost 250 members of the community who enjoyed a lively debate on local issues and learnt about the great work being undertaken by local groups  including, Forest and Bird, EcoMatters, Waituna Action Group and Zero Waste NZ.


Community Survey    

At the end of June 2017 we launched a survey to gauge what the key community concerns are about Watercare’s plans; we had 236 responses from the community that show we are on the right track.

Ecological Survey      

We have created a Nature Watch page with the purpose of recording sightings of unique or significant native flora & fauna at the Watercare Manuka Road/Woodlands Park Road project sites and have organised ecological surveys.


Members of the committee and the community have made multiple submissions to Watercare regarding the proposed plant and have we created an online submission form to help members of the community have their say.


Engaging the Mayor

On 25 June 2017 we sent a letter detailing our concerns to Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland. We heard later that he made an appointment with Watercare and visited the Woodlands Park site on 29 June – we might have got his attention. Representatives of the Tirirangi Protection Group met with the Mayor on 11 August to discuss our concerns.


Community engagement

We have hosted information stands at the Titirangi Village Market and outside the Supervalue (thanks to all who stopped to chat).


Our President Simon Kitson made a big announcement that the Titirangi Protection Group will take Watercare and Auckland Council to the Environmental Court to review of the designation on the 57hectare site allows for Watercare to build a new water treatment plant.

It’s been a busy 6 months and, things do not look like they will be slowing down any time soon.

In the words of the TPG President Simon Kitson: “Who would have thought we would have achieved so much in so little time? I think we can all be very proud.”

The Titirangi Protection Group committee will continue to work closely with the community to understand their views and to share as much information with them as we have on Watercares plans for the new treatment plant along Woodlands Park Road. If you would like to stay in touch, please join our Facebook group or sign up to our newsletter