Protect Titirangi

Watercares plans

Watercare has confirmed their intention to develop their new water treatment plant on a site on Woodlands Park Road/Manuka Road in the west Auckland suburb of Titirangi.   The construction of this plant will destroy a large area of significant native bush– including a large part of the very popular Clarks Bush Track, bring a huge industrial sized plant to within 4m of local residents and put untold strain on roading and other infrastructure in surrounding communities including Titirangi, Woodlands Park, Waima, Laingholm, Glen Eden and beyond.


The total surface of the site is ~14.5 ha, consisting of the current site (4.2 ha), the Manuka Rd site (4.0 ha) and the reservoir site (6.3 ha).
The current plant covers ~ 1.5 ha, including the lagoon that will be extended and used for the new plant.  Building of the new plant would require clearance of twice that area (~2.7 ha) and the reservoirs an extra ~ 1.2 ha.  There is also 0.2 ha that will be cleared on the reservoir site to make space for the construction laydown area.  So ~4.1 ha of forest will be cleared with the new proposal and all up (since the current plant and lagoon will remain on the current site), the total surface of deforested area on the 3 sites would be ~5.6 ha.

Round two in court for West Auckland group battling to save native bush

The Titirangi Protection Group Inc. (TPG) is appealing to the High Court against the recent decision made in the Environment Court. The decision concluded that Watercare do not need to seek a new designation to build a new water treatment plant on protected land in Titirangi, West Auckland.
Read more about the appeal here
The appeal is to be financed by community fundraising efforts. All contributions will go directly towards helping to preserve protected native bush in this community under threat from an industrial sized development at that gateway to the Waitakere Ranges. Link to Give a Little page.

We want to know your views

Take our online survey to let us know your opinions and find out more about the environmental and community impacts that Watercare’s plans will bring to beautiful Titirangi. Let us know what’s important to you and let’s #ProtectTitirangi together!

Let Watercare know why they need to think again

Send an email to Watercare to share any concerns that you have about why choosing the Titirangi for the treatment plant expansion is the wrong decision.

There are other options:

  • Use smarter design thinking to utilise the footprint of the existing plant that will not require the destruction of 4hectares (10acres) of native bush.
  • Locate the two 60m diameter reservoirs closer to where the water will be used.
  • Review the original long list of site options.  With smarter design thinking to achieve a smaller footprint, more of these options will be feasible.

Native trees and wildlife will be lost

There is some incredible work being done to record any sightings of unique or significant native flora & fauna at the Watercare Manuka Road/Woodlands Park Road project site.  This is a significant ecological area so having all ecological observations in one place will be invaluable in our efforts to ensure that Watercare can’t clear the bush here – destroying mature native trees & wildlife habitats.

Observations have only recently started (since April) and already, the very rare Taurepo has been found on the proposed site.  This is the sole genus of its kind in New Zealand.  You can find out more here.

What can happen when it all goes wrong

There are significant safety concerns in locating a treatment plant so close to a residential area of 2400 people – Learn more

More and more residents are making their feelings known.